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Communications Committee Information

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Our primary purpose as a Communications Committee is to serve the church and its members by providing comprehensive communication planning, and to work with communications volunteers and church staff to develop and execute specific strategies to carry out the vision and mission of the church.

We believe that relationships are an important part of church and that it is our responsibility to help build and strengthen those relationships through effective communication. Effective communication makes people feel valued, significant, cared for, and supported. It gives them connection - a sense of belonging, purpose, and commonality with others. This connection is vital in the church's mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is our policy to work with the leadership of this church to create a dynamic connection between vision and action to more effectively reach out to people and receive them in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is also the policy of the Communications Committee to:

1) Seek guidance and authorizations from the Pastor, Administrative Council, and HUMC staff.

2) Protect the privacy of others.

3) Communicate information that is consistent with HUMC's mission and vision.

4) Review website content.

5) Train and/or assist website date-entry volunteers.

6) Develop and implement annually a coordinated plan to communicate the programs and mission of the church both internally and externally.

7) Abide by regulatory laws regarding copyright infringement.

Want to reach us? Use the contact us link at the top of this page or call the church (248) 887-1311. You can also send an email to Karie Saunders - ksaunders@humc.us or drop a note in the Communications mailbox in the workstation room at the church.

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