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ISI - International Students, Inc.

"Sharing Christ's love with international students"

"You don't have to drop everything, learn a foreign language, and fly to a distant land to impact key national leaders. They're knocking at your door." - Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich, Former President, Multnomah Bible College

They came all this way to meet you. Why not introduce yourself?

Get involved with an international student by participating in holiday hosting, friendship and conversational partner ministries, outreach events, Bible studies, discussion groups, and campus ministries. ISI will help you minister to international students by providing cross-cultural training, coaching, mentoring, prayer support, encouragement, books, pamphlets, and other training materials.

FACT: The second biggest reason international students come to the U.S. is to experience American culture. Historically, 70% of all international students have never been invited into an American home. We want to change that.

FACT: Over 712,000 international students and scholars from over 200 nations study in the U.S. each year.

FACT: Nearly 2/3 of all international students come from the least-evangelized countries in the world.

FACT: The U.S. State Department estimates that 25% of the world's future leaders are currently enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges.

These students will return home to make a difference! The question is, will they make a difference for Jesus Christ?

You have the opportunity to be involved! They're here, they're future leaders, and they want your friendship.

Explore your options for international student ministry. Visit ISI's website at www.isionline.org.


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