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Now visitors to HUMC.US have another great Bible study tool. There are two fully indexed Bible versions currently available:
  • The American King James Version
  • The World English Bible
In addition to the above versions the following other Bibles are also available (the full text is available, but they are only indexed by "Book"):
  • English Jubilee Bible 2000
  • Webster Bible
  • International Standard Version
We have other resources available as well through this tool:
  • Smith's Bible Dictionary
  • Adam Clark's Family Commentary
  • John Wesley's Bible Notes
  • Family Bible Notes
To make things easier, you can search from any page on the site using the search box located below the main menu on the left hand side of the page. The default search uses the World English Version, a public domain modern tranlastion. You can
Click Here for an enhanced search page if you'd like to include other works in your search.

HUMC would like to thank the phpBible team (http://onlinebible.sourceforge.net/) whose great open-source software has allowed us to add this great feature to our site.

Here are some useful search Tips:

Search Hints

phpBible's Basic Search tries to intelligently determine whether you have entered a passage lookup or keyword search request. Both are described below. Search hints also apply in the respective places on the Advanced Search page.

  • Keyword Search
  • Passage Lookup

Keyword Search

You can refine your keyword searches by using a number of operators. They are described below.

General Search Hints

Word searching is not case-sensitive. This means searches for , , and will bring up the same set of results.

Phrase Searching

To search for multiple terms that occur in series, put double-quotes around the words. For example, to search for "God" followed immediately by "gave", enter . On the Advanced Search page, quotes are not needed. Simply enter each full grouping of terms into the same input box.

"or" Searching

To search for passages that match any of a set of words, place "OR" between each word. For example, to search for either "holy" or "holies", enter .

"not" Searching

To exclude a word from your query, place a "-" in front of it. Example: to search for "peter", but not "james" or "john", enter .

Wildcard Searching

Searching for similar words is permitted by means of wildcards.

Use an asterisk (*) to represent zero or more letters and/or numbers. For example, to search for all occurences of "holy", "holies", and "holiest", enter .

Use a question mark (?) to represent a single letter or number. For example, to search for all occurrences of "god" and "rod", enter .

Passage Lookup

Looking up passages is easy. Colons, capitalization, and even full book names are not required. Just enter the first few letters or a common abbreviation for the book, and separate the chapter and verse numbers with a space. phpBible can look up a range of verses or chapters, too. The following table contains several examples. Leave the query blank to see the Table of Contents for the selected document.

The query... ... results in
jn 3 16 John 3:16
mt 5 17 18 Matthew 5:17-18
matt 5-7 Matthew 5-7
tit 2 11-14 Titus 2:11-14
gen 1 31 2 3 Genesis 1:31-2:3
(blank) Table of Contents

Because there are so many combinations of verses and chapters that phpBible has to decipher, you may occasionally have trouble bringing up a desired range of verses. If that happens, make sure to use a hyphen (-) at the appropriate places between the chapters and/or verses.

phpBible requires and displays the chapter number for books that have only one chapter. In other words, entering "jude 9" will result in an error instead of pulling up Jude 1:9.

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