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Due to ongoing schedule conflicts, we will not be hosting simulcasts via CCN satellite service this fall. However, we have accumulated a variety of past simulcasts and have made them available in a new CD library.

The Simulcast CD Library is located in the oak cabinet in the Disciple Room and is available for your use. The simulcast CDs are located in blue cases and are marked according to month and year. There may be several simulcasts in each case. The cases do not show the titles of the discs enclosed. Feel free to open the cases to browse the topics. Please be sure to fill out the 'check out' book when taking and returning discs.

The following is just a sampling of the topics you'll find...



Feb 06

Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch (1hr, 30Mins): How can couples continue to grow in intimacy and unity when there is a growing difference between them? Faith, marriage and sometimes both will often suffer as a result. In this intensely personal and practical broadcast, Lee and Leslie Strobel will offer a message of hope to couples who are out of sync in their faith and provide practical tools for Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch.

Strategic Leadership (2hrs): Leadership teams will discover

  • How strategic leaders differ from other leaders

  • What strategic planning for ministry is and how to do it

  • The characteristics of those who think strategically

  • The benefits of leading on the basis of a clear strategy

  • How to weigh opportunities and risks in making choices

Nov/Dec 05

Culture Shift (2hrs, 15mins): Receive practical steps to shift the culture of your church to the kind of community that transforms lives. Discover the importance of becoming value-driven rather than program-driven.

Finding Your Destiny: Discovering God's Plan for Your Life (2hrs): Both students and leaders will learn practical steps to find out how God has equipped them to serve:

  • Examine the ways to recognize your "God-assignment".

  • Defeat the foes of fulfillment.

  • Draw strength from the Divine to live the design.

September 2005

Mentoring Your Teenager (1hr, 30mins): Parents will learn how to:

  • Put God first in family life

  • Make spiritual matters a natural part of the home

  • Pay attention their own spiritual health

  • Offer a model for healthy spirituality

Don’t miss this opportunity to help build the spiritual foundation of a new generation!

Experiencing Jesus in Your Small Group (1hr): How can small group leaders effectively engage both believers and seekers in the exciting process of discovering the authentic Jesus? Discover how...

  • Help your group meet Jesus in Scripture

  • Engage in conversations about Jesus' life and teaching

  • Connect the stories in your group with the story of Christ.

Practice together Jesus' way of living

March 05

Listening Beyond Words (1hr, 30mins): Listening is a lost art. When someone talks to us, we tend to be processing information instead of truly listening. This simulcast provides practical tools to help small groups and volunteer leaders really hear what's being said.

Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster (1hr, 30mins): What exactly is ADHD? … And is my child doomed if he or she has it? There are a lot of questions, perceptions, and misperceptions about ADHD. One thing that is certain: it is a real disorder. “To unlock the potential in your child will require some work on your part, but it will be well worth it.”

Nov/Dec 2004

Boundaries in Dating (2discs- 2hrs, 29mins & 1hr, 54mins): Discover how to set smart limits on physical involvement, financial involvement, individual responsibilities, and more. Dr. Henry Cloud will help singles of all ages solve problems and enjoy the benefits of dating, while increasing their abilities to find and commit to a marriage partner.

Creating an Environment for Spiritual Growth (1hr, 19mins):
Cloud and Donahue will look at the barriers that hinder spiritual growth within groups. These include a lack of clarity about:

  • How people grow spiritually

  • The role of the leader in spiritual growth

  • How relationships work in groups

  • The limits of small groups

Learn how to address these barriers and overcome them by creating small groups that encourage:

  • Active listening

  • Speaking the truth

  • Respecting boundaries

  • Establishing ground rules

  • Promoting healthy self-disclosure

October 2004, part/box 1

Secrets in a Great Marriage (3 discs): The speakers will focus on what the Bible says leads to strong, growing marriages: faith, love, humility, intimacy, loyalty, commitment, grace, forgiveness, patience, and more! Topics covered include:

  • Discovering the DNA of Love

  • Creating a Safe Place for Love

  • Eliminating the No. 1 Cause of Relational Conflict

  • God’s Fuel for Your Soul

  • Love, Sex, and Relationships

  • Fruit of the Spirit & Humility

This is just a small sample of the many topics available.
Please don't hesitate to browse the selection.


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