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Staff Parish Information

The purpose of the Staff Parish Committee is to manage the relationships among the various groups of the church, including: pastors, appointed staff, lay staff, and the congregation. This committee has the task of communicating the work of the staff to the congregation and communicating concerns from the congregation to the staff. Our purpose is to guide the church to follow God's will.

People serving on this committee are full members of the local church and must be engaged in and attentive to their Christian spiritual development so as to give proper leadership in the responsibilities with which the committee is entrusted. In conducting its work, the committee shall identify and clarify its values for ministry. It shall engage in biblical and theological reflections on the mission of the church, the primary task, and the ministries of the local church.

The committee shall reflect biblically and theologically on the role and work of the pastor(s) and staff as they carry out their leadership responsibilities. The committee shall assist the pastor(s) and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service. It is the responsibility of the committee to communicate with the Lay Leadership Committee or the Ad Council when there is a need for other leaders or for employed staff to perform in areas where utilization of the gifts of the pastor(s) and staff proves an inappropriate stewardship of time.

This committee shall meet at least quarterly. It shall meet additionally at the request of the bishop, the district superintendent, the pastor, any member of the professional staff, or the chairperson of the committee. The committee shall meet only with the knowledge of the pastor and/or the district superintendent. It may meet with the district superintendent without the pastor being present. However, the pastor or any member of the staff under consideration shall be notified prior to such meeting at which their employment is being discussed and be brought into consultation immediately thereafter.

The duties of this committee include the following:

To confer with and counsel the pastor(s) and staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry; relationships with the congregation; conditions that may impede the effectiveness of ministry; and to interpret the nature and function of the ministry.

To confer with, consult, and counsel the pastor(s) and staff on matters pertaining to priorities in the use of gifts, skills, and time and priorities for the demands and effectiveness of the mission and ministry of the congregation.

To provide evaluation at least annually for the use of the pastor(s) and staff.

To develop and approve written job descriptions and titles for associate pastors and other staff members in cooperation with the senior pastor.

To consult with the pastor and staff concerning continuing education and spiritual renewal.

To enlist, interview, evaluate, review, and recommend annually to the charge conference lay preachers and persons for candidacy for ordained ministry.

To confer with the pastor and/or other appointed members of the staff if it should become evident that the best interests of the charge and pastor(s) will be served by a change of pastors.

To consult on matters pertaining to pulpit supply, proposals for compensation, travel expenses, vacation, health and life insurance, pension, housing, and other practical matters affecting the work and families of the pastor and staff, and to make annual recommendations regarding such matters to the Ad Council, reporting budget items to the Finance Committee.

Members of the Staff Parish Committee shall keep themselves informed of personnel matters in relationship to the Church's policy, professional standards, liability issues, and civil law.

To recommend to the Ad Council , after consultation with the pastor, the professional and other staff positions needed to carry out the work of the church or charge.

To educate the church community on the value of diversity of selection in clergy and lay staff and develop a commitment to the same.

To communicate and interpret to the congregation the nature and function of ministry in The United Methodist Church regarding open itinerancy, the preparation for ordained ministry, and the Ministerial Education Fund.

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